October 12th 2022

Title ‘The Country House as an Object of Curiosity’
Speaker: Dr. Patricia McCarthy
Time: @ 7:45 PM Apx. – N.B. The A.G.M. starts @ 7:30 PM
Location: Iona Pastoral Centre

Patricia is an architectural historian.  She has published widely in a number of  publications such as the Irish Georgian Society, Country Life and the Irish Arts Review. She has published 4 books, the most recent one published by the Four Courts Press is titled ‘Enjoying Claret in Ireland: a History of Amiable Excess’. She has contributed to two volumes of the Royal Irish Academy’s Art and Architecture of Ireland (2014).

P.S. At the meeting on 12 October at 7.30 p.m. we start with our A.G.M. – Subs for the coming year, more anon when the committee have had the opportunity of meeting. If anyone has a motion for the A.G.M. let me know before next weekend (8th Oct.).

This should be a great evening. Hoping to see you all there.

One Example of Patricia McCarthy’s Books:
Life in the Country House in Georgian Ireland
Publication date: 24th May 2016
ISBN: 9780300218862
Price: Hardcover €114.06; Paperback €27.09 via Amazon

Image: goodreads.com

For aristocrats and gentry in 18th-century Ireland, the townhouses and country estates they resided in were carefully constructed to accommodate their cultivated lifestyles. Based on new research from Irish national collections and correspondence culled from papers in private keeping, this book provides a vivid and engaging look at the various ways in which families tailored their homes to their personal needs and preferences. While remarkably flexible, these houses were arranged in accordance with their residents’ daily practices, demonstrating a distinction between public and private spaces, and the roles and arrangements of the servants in their purposeful layouts. With careful consideration given to both the practicality of everyday routine and the occasional special event, this book illustrates how the lives and houses of these people were inextricably woven together.

Dr Patricia McCarthy is an independent architectural historian based in Dublin.
Source: tcd.ie

About the Author:

Image: Dr. Patricia McCarthy

Trinity College Dublin
Bachelor of Arts, the History of Art and Architecture; Classical CivilisationBachelor of Arts.
PhD awarded in 2009: Dept. of the History of Art and Architecture thesis entitled: ‘The Planning, Layout and Use of Space in Irish Houses 1730 – 1830’.

University College Dublin
Diploma, History of European Painting