April 12th 2023

Title ‘Sir John Gray’
Speaker: Vincent O’Reilly
Time: @ 7:45 PM
Location: Iona Pastoral Centre

Statue of Sir John Gray in O’Connell Street
Image: donsdublin.wordpress.com

Sir John Gray: Brief Highlights.

  • Born Claremorris, Mayo, 13th July 1815
  • Studied medicine at Trinity College and the University of Glasgow
  • Hospital appointment Dublin 1839
  • Married Mary Dwyer and had 5 children
  • Joint Proprietor of the Dublin Freeman’s Journal 1841
  • Sole Proprietor in 1850
  • Political party: Liberal Party, Home Rule League
  • Promoted the Vartry Scheme to provide clean water for Dublin.
  • Knighted 30th June1863
  • MP for Kilkenny City 1865 – 1875
  • Died at Bath 9th April 1875.
  • Buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.
  • Statue erected in O’Connell Street 1879.

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The Freeman’s Journal: Click on any image to enlarge.

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