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The Rise and Fall of Irish Nationalist, Bulmer Hobson
Speaker: Dr Mernie Hay

John Bulmer Hobson 
(14 January 1883 – 8 August 1969)
He was a leading member of the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB). He was chief of staff of Fianna Éireann, which he helped to found.
Ref. Bulmer Hobson

The Holy Well at Ticknock and its Ancient Watercourse
Speaker: Peadar Curran

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The Holy Well at Ticknock
“There is a holy well on our land. It is said that It is a blessed well. When my father was young, people used to come and bathe their eyes at it.It was supposed to cure sore eyes”.
Ref. The Ticknock Well
Ref. Holy Well image

The 1918/1919 Influenza Pandemic
Speaker: Dr Ida Milne

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1918/1919 Influenza Pandemic 
Soldiers from Fort RileyKansas, ill with Spanish flu at a hospital ward at Camp Funston. The death toll is estimated to have been 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million (about three to five and a half percent of Earth’s population at the time).
Ref. Spanish Flu


Image: ‘An Outside Car’ or ‘Jaunting Car’ in the Phoenix Park via

KHS will host its first online video (zoom) meeting on Wednesday 9th September 2020 at 8pm. The talk will be given by committee member Aoife O’Tierney on the history of the Phoenix Park.

If you wish to participate please follow the link below, and note the Meeting ID and Passcode, which you will need to enter to gain access:

Knocklyon History Society – Zoom Meeting 01
Time: Sep 9, 2020 08:00 PM Dublin

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No online admission fee.


Image: Brú Na Bóinne

On Wednesday 14th of October we will have a very interesting talk titled BRÚ NA BÓINNE AND THE DROUGHT. The speaker will be John Dolan, one of our members.  You may remember that we had a considerable drought 2 years ago and it revealed additional remains at Newgrange. This talk will illustrate many of these findings and their wonder.

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Meeting ID: 226 228 3759
Passcode: gZs5Xb


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O’Connell Street ‘Past’ with Nelson’s Column and ‘Present’ with ‘The Spire’.

Title: O’Connell Street, Past and Present
Speaker: Gerry Hoey (KHS member)
Time: 8pm, November 11th via Zoom, link below.

Topic: Knocklyon History Society – Zoom Meeting 03
Time: Nov 11, 2020 08:00 PM Dublin

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Title: Mary Mulligan, Neighbour to Countess Markievicz
Speaker: Peadar Curran
Time: 8pm, December 9th via Zoom, link below.

This talk tells about the cottage on Blackglen Road (Sandyford area) used as a retreat by Countess Markievicz to paint and then to plot her part in the Rebellion, plus the story of the local lady who lived next door before, during and after this time, and how they interacted.

Keep safe and active,
Aoife O’Tierney

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Credit: Above image courtesy of Peadar Curran
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is countess-markieviczs-drawing-2020-11-23_03-31-14_p.m..jpg
Sketch from Sparkling Granite by Nick Ryan

“The men working on the stone here were included in a painting by the Countess Markievicz while she was staying in the cottage before she became involved in politics”.

Credit: Above image and text courtesy of Peadar Curran

Topic: Knocklyon History Society – Zoom Meeting 04
Time: Dec 9, 2020 08:00 PM Dublin

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N.B. for the duration of the ‘lockdown’ all online KHS Zoom events are free to all members and non-members. Please circulate among family, friends, and colleagues. Everyone welcome.

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